Physical improvements using hormesis

Here is a link to the video recording from the talk Health Activator web conference presented June 19, 2013. It also includes a short Q&A session:

And here are the slides if you want to see them separately:

The talk covers the basic principles of hormesis and how to apply them to improve in four areas:

  •  Physical strength
  •  Vision improvement
  •  Metabolic health
  •  Immune health

Many thanks to Christine Peterson for inviting me as a speaker.


To health, longevity & brain fitness implementors:

Join us this Wednesday, June 19th to learn a new view of stress — a set of principles for using stress deliberately and systematically to improve our bodies and brains.

This week’s speaker is Todd Becker, by day a biochemical engineer at a major biotech company, by night the author of Getting Stronger, a site that explores the use of hormesis — the concept that controlled doses of chemical stress make us stronger.

As Happier Human puts it: “Todd takes the idea of chemical stress and applies it across the board: muscular stress, emotional stress, oxidative stress, ocular stress, psychological stress, and so on. Is is not a widely accepted idea that chemical hormesis applies in all of the domains that Todd applies it, but come prepared to be convinced.”

Todd explains that the prevailing view of stress is mistaken, or at least half wrong.  The fact is that — if applied correctly — progressive, intermittent stress strengthens us and enables us to get fit physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We can use this to overcome both physical limitations and psychological challenges, with applications as diverse as improving eyesight without glasses, losing weight without special diets, reducing susceptibility to colds and infections, overcoming addictions, and managing anger and other negative emotions.

That’s why this Wednesday, June 19th at 7 PM Pacific Time, Todd Becker of Getting Stronger will explain how to apply this technique in a wide variety of areas:

 •  Eating polyphenol-rich foods to boost your endogenous antioxidant defenses 
 •  Allergen immunotherapy to eliminate allergies
 •  Cold water therapy for stress reduction and immune health
 •  Deconditioning diet for appetite control
 •  Plus lens therapy for overcoming nearsightedness
 •  High intensity weight training and interval training
Todd’s work in hormesis uses fields as diverse as exercise physiology, immunology, endocrinology, and neural plasticity.  Learn how to turn stress from your enemy into your friend — a central tool in your pursuit of the best brain and body you can have. We’ll also be asking Todd to explain why he avoids both Vitamin D and antioxidant supplements, and what he eats to feed his friendly gut bacteria!

Wed. June 19 at 7 PM Pacific Time
Physical Improvements from Hormesis
Todd Becker, Getting Stronger



  1. Nate

    Thanks for posting that, Todd.

    I’ve come to believe that hormesis is one of the fundamental biological principles of health.

    Any chance that you will post a video of your presentation?


    • Todd


      I agree that hormesis is a fundamental principle of health. It is unfortunate that it is often framed so narrowly in the scientific literature as some kind of obscure toxicology oddity, a curious dose-response relationship that kicks in at very low doses. This narrow framing overlooks the powerful role of hormesis as a set of defense and repair mechanisms, and the dynamic aspect by which progressive, incremental application of hormetic stress can significant improve physical capacities and resilience over time.

      The video of my talk is the property of HealthActivator, which charges a membership fee. I’ll check with Christine Peterson, but I believe that she gives free access to the videos at the end of each year, as a way of attracting new members.


  2. Hi Nate and Todd,
    I would like to watch Todd’s video – when it is available.

    Obviously I am very interested in Todd’s success with the plus, and the special insights he achieved in that effort.

    I hope we can help more people develop that insight – so they can begin the preventive process before they go below 20/60 on their Snellen chart.


  3. Ron99

    From the pdf, it sounds like an excellent summary of the hormesis idea, the best I’ve read. I can’t wait to see the video if it becomes available.. the diet discussion got me out searching for purple sweet potatoes!! lol

  4. FYI, the video link is broken. Would love to see it!


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