Todd Becker is a freelance blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives with his wife and two children. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Philosophy from Stanford University and Brown University.  Todd currently works as a staff scientist for a biotechnology company in Palo Alto, where he leads project teams and holds more than 20 patents.

Todd’s philosophy of Hormetism is the result of years of personal investigation into the role of moderate stress in adaptation, as applied to health, nutrition, rehabilitation and psychology. By combining this research with a philosophical curiosity about the underlying similarities among these diverse fields, he is interested in how we might exploit this understanding to overcome challenges, adapt, and thrive in any of our endeavors.

Getting Stronger represents an attempt to bring together the research in these areas and place it within a coherent framework. But it is also about fostering active discussion, debate and refinement of these ideas in order to better develop the philosophy of Hormetism and find new applications.  Todd looks forward to your active participation in this dialogue, and he encourages you to post comments to this blog, and to visit the Discussion Forum where you can contribute your ideas and personal experiences.

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  1. Hi Todd
    After about 2 months of print pushing,my range of focus has increased from 25cm to 30cm,occasionally to about 32cm.Though I am very happy with the progress I haven’t yet got hold of an under corrected specs.Does Zenni opticals work only within US.If so can you suggest an alternate as I am not a US resident.
    I have another doubt as to the brightness level to be maintained on pc while reading the Snellen.Thanks again for your article.

    • Todd


      1. I suggest Zennioptical for ordering undercorrected lenses. Best is to subtract 0.25 or 0.5 diopters off of each eye for your current prescription.Zennioptical’s website indicates they ship internationally. “A full list of the countries where we ship glasses is available on the Payment Page. When you click on the Country drop-down window, you will see the list of countries.”

      2. It is important to have good brightness for testing your Snellen. The best is to have full spectrum indirect mid-day daylight (e.g. through a side window less than a meter from the chart). Second best is to be in a brightly lit room with full spectrum lighting. If you are using a PC chart, the lighting should be moderately bright. Dim light will reduce your Snellen rating.

      Above all else, when tracking progress, use consistent lighting from one session to the next.

      • Hi,
        Since the last time I have commented my eyesight has remained more or less the same with a occasional decrease.Is this the plateau that you were talking about.How long will one last on an average?

        • Todd


          A plateau in vision improvement can last months. And improvements can be quite sudden. How long has hit been since you started with print pushing or plus lenses?


          • It has been about 2.5 months now

            • Todd


              You’ve made good progress if you’ve sustained your increase in focal range (to edge of blur) from 25 cm up to 30-32 cm at present. The rate of improvement will slow, and you’ll have good days and bad days. Your effective correction seems to be about 100/32 = 3 diopters. I was able to reduce my myopia from about 1.75 to zero in a year. Some proceed faster, others slower.

              Rather than continue the discussion here, I suggest you sign up for the Discussion Forum where there is a VERY active discussion of how to reduce myopia. There are many good tips, including the use of active focusing and distance gazing. Diet is also very helpful in accelerating progress.


              Good luck and see you there!



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